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Multi-Beverage Dispensers

With its complete range of vending machines, Necta offers an enormous choice of products and associated services. From small offices to coffee lounges, from busy locations up to public installations, every specific need is fully satisfied.

Necta pursues a strategy of constant innovation and product development. The innovations and the new technologies developed by this brand have always set new benchmarks in the industry and Necta has always been seen by most of its competitors as “the one to follow”. Moreover, offering more appealing, reliable and technologically advanced machines is the base of the virtuous cycle which stimulate the demand for replacement and new adoptions.

Necta enjoys a solid and longstanding customer base thanks to the strong relationships which it has developed since 1968. The brand reputation is excellent thanks to the superior quality, reliability and ease of maintenance of its products. Successful partnerships have been established with several important coffee roasters, which are very sensitive to product quality given also that machines are co‐branded by roasters. Furthermore Necta supplies some of the largest European operators.