Coffex Coffee Roasters
Drip Coffee

Drip it your way! Anywhere, anytime, anyway! Introducing our all new drip bag style coffee.

Freshly sealed ground coffee in a drip bag that's easy to make and absolutely portable! Your favourite Coffex coffee on the go.

Coffex Coffee Roasters
Turkish Coffee

A strong dark-roasted coffee producing the bittersweet dark brown and heavy coffee of Turkish tradition. Go authentic and sweeten it with sugar, cardamom and anise. Vacuum packed finely ground coffee for your convenience.

*Please note that our Turkish coffee is ground for traditional Turkish and Greek style brewers (Ibrik or Cezve). They do not work on a percolator or mokka pot.*

Coffex Coffee Roasters
SuperBar Beans

Coffex flagship SuperBar blend is a rich and satisfying coffee that is very smooth in taste and full in flavour.

Carefully selected and blended for optimum flavour, this blend works amazingly well in everything from an espresso to a latte. Beautifully crafted for the most discerning cafes and coffee connoisseurs, our Superbar will simply impress.

Imagine a well-rounded, syrupy coffee with a toffee sweetness and green apple acidity, and you've got this blend in one. The SuperBar is our most popular coffee to date.

Coffex Coffee Roasters
Caffe Mokka

The Caffe Mokka blend is a perennial favorite of milk-based coffee lovers. Caffe Mokka beautifully balances both Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and Asia. The beans are roasted to perfection, bringing out distinctive flavours that could only be achieved through the marriage of these two types of bean.

Caffe Mokka is a full-bodied blend with soft berry notes, dark chocolate sweetness and a smokey finish. The distinctive blend is best enjoyed in lattes, cappuccinos and any other coffee that has milk added.

Coffex Coffee Roasters
GCD Latin America

The coffee beans chosen for the Latin Americas are distinguished by their light body, simplicity and sharp acidity. Roasted and blended by the Coffex Master Roaster to a medium roast, the taste shines through to give a clean, crisp finish. Great for drinking all day long.

Coffex Coffee Roasters
GCD Decaffeinated

The Coffex Decaffeinated blend uses Fairtrade Organic certified beans, it is as pure as it gets. Using a Water Process, it ensures a chemical-free and a 99.7-99.9% caffeine free cup of coffee.

Coffex Coffee Roasters
GCD Original Blend

An award-winning coffee with a blend of high altitude coffee. Grown in Central American and South American Arabica beans, which are Fairtrade and Organic certified and free of pesticides.

Especially roasted and blended to produce a smooth, medium-bodied espresso. Fairness never tasted so good

Golden Bean 2012 Awards - Bronze Medal Winner

Coffex Coffee Roasters
Discovery Blend #13

Pleasant acidity, captivating aroma. A carefully handcrafted blend made possible with three distinct direct trade single origins: Brazil – Mountain Mogiana, Papua New Guinea – Sigri Estate and India – Kaapi Royale Robusta. 

This blend is masterfully roasted to a medium roast for a fully complex tasting coffee. This blend has captivating aromas reminiscent of toasted bread in a local kopitiam (coffee shop), a pleasant acidity of green apples, smooth and velvety mouthfeel with hints of nuts, spice and salted caramel flavours undertone.

Coffex Coffee Roasters

Mild acidity and creamy mouthfeel. Three-bean blend consist of Brazil, Papua New Guinea – Sigri Estate & India Kaapi Royale.

This 80% Arabica blend shines with its roasted hazelnut, dark cocoa, toasted caramel and with mild acidity. Blended with the highest grade of Robusta bean to accentuate the overall mouthfeel. Its creamy and velvety body with high viscosity is the highlight for this commonly well-accepted blend.